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21st September 2021  
Let's have another peek at that todo list, shall we?



Still haven't quite formulated how I'm doing these.
At their simplest, they're an easy case of hopping in and out like a Gosub.
But at their worst..
Print MyDisplayFunction(MyAddFunction(Something(1),Something(2)))
... Hopping back and forth, and needing to keep track of all the extra bits and pieces.
I'm not really sure about that.. hmm


Again, should be easy enough. I need to register values along the way.
At its simplest, just a big array, really.
But then I have to include sorting and such, and .. well, I've still not finished that off normally, never mind for a new type!

Shuffle/Sort - Multi Dim

See, I've still not finished that off normally!

Stretched Modes

These go with oldskool resolutions, and oughta stretch pixels so that, for example, a 160x240 display fills a 4:3 screen properly.
I thought I had this working, a few days ago, but then I started getting wonky alignment issues again.
I'll keep working on it.


I DID start work on this, a couple of weeks ago, but it spiralled out of control.
Redo from Start, I reckon.

Musical Instruments

JMTrackr still sounds a little bit off when in "Sampled" mode, so I'll have to hunt around and see what instruments work best/worse with it.

Framework Mouse when in scale,1

Oops, I completely forgot about this bug.
Good thing I'm writing these down!

And then there's these, all of which again should be easy enough, but I just haven't bothered yet.

. Request/Confirm/Input
. Tilemap Collisions
. nth/Ordinals
. Particle Scroll
. Level Select Grid/Unlock

Right then..
Get your skates on, Jay, and lets see if you can achieve a nice number of those, today.

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