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Tetris Day
25th September 2021  
The majority of yesterday was spent Tetrising.


Teaching Mum how to use the Hold button has certainly been an effort.

Now she's having to frequently glance away from the game to see the Next blocks, and also the Hold block, too. At first it was a little too much for her to cope with, but after a few hours she seems to have got the knack.
Now all that's left if the fact that she frequently inadvertently taps Up instead of the trigger, meaning that instead of switching the current piece for the Held piece, she ends up slamming the wrong piece down in the playfield.

All those buttons sure can be confusing.
She tilts the controller up so she can arch her thumb around the top of the controller to hit the L button!!!

.. But she's definitely getting better at it, and can now manage to just about reach 100 lines in Marathon mode. Which is great, because my average is only about 130, so she's not that far off!

This is Puyo Puyo Tetris, by the way. Specifically the PS4 version.
Other Tetrises have different speeds, and the controls are occasionally different, too, so you can't exactly compare them like for like.
She also can't quite handle Puyo Puyo mode, yet, so I'm quite thankful that she has the option to play "Just Tetris" until she's ready to move on.

Either way, this is a really nice quality edition of Tetris, and I think... I think... I'm ready to finally let go of my mindset that Tetris DX on the Gameboy Color is the definitive edition of the game.


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