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28th September 2021  
Made a few subtle tweaks to the site, yesterday.


There's now an up/down thing on the Page bar, which switches between new-old or old-new. I'm struggling to get it to work on the homepage, though. It's being awkward!!
(*update* I've done that, now!)

Additionally, every game that has an icon, now shows that icon in amongst the system download icons when in list view. SmileBASIC games also get their Download codes shown on the listings, too.
This means I can now link to and things are nicely visible to people without really having to click on too many things.

The old Full Game List is really looking like a great big cramped mess, with 114 games fighting for your attention all at the same time.
I figured it'd be nice to have things in the style of the main archive, since.. well, that's what it's there for, right!?!

What I'd like to do in addition to that, is get the SmileBASIC Likes and Download stats to show up in their game listings, but I can't quite decide on the best way to do that, since I'm still having to go through all of those values manually, right now.
Automation sure would be great for that, but.. I'm unsure how, right now.

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