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Writing a Plan of Action
29th September 2021  
Not very often that I have to plan ahead, but the WASM stuff is really baffling.


I've been jotting down all the things I need to achieve, if indeed I am going to attempt this.
It's going to be a fairly hefty task, and I think it'll generally be easier if I don't keep jumping in and out of WASM all the time.

The more I can do inside WASM, the better, but I don't seem to be able to get WASM to interact with the canvas, trigger sounds, or anything .. useful!!!
As such, WASM will have to be the brains, and Javascript the end result.
Trying to find the right balance between what one should do and which parts the other one should will probably be the hardest part in all of this.

I'm still not even sure if I'm going to do it, but it would certainly help in a number of areas.
.. if indeed it does even end up helping.
Bah, my head's all over the place, right now.
Which is why I'm having to jot it all down!!

Plans are afoot.

.. maybe!

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