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1st October 2021  
Oh, I forgot about that!!!


The Digital Deluxe Pre-order of Super Monkey Balls came with an extra bonus that I'd completely forgotten about.
It unlocked last night, a few days ahead of the "proper" launch, on 5th of October.

I stayed awake from midnight until around 2:30am playing Monkey Billiards, because.. in reality, that's all I wanted it for!
Maybe, later today, I'll play a bit of Monkey Target, Monkey Soccer, that kind of thing.

But not likely much of the main game.

I'm most-definitely a Party Game fan!
My only worry is that Monkey Tennis, Golf and Bowling won't be quite as much fun as they once were.
.. Wii Sports has ruined those, forever!!! Nothing will ever compare to how great that game felt.

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