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4th October 2021  
Spent the majority of yesterday fiddling with JSE in the hopes of formulating the WASM edition a little more.


It went.. Alright.. I think...!?
I'm trying my best to reduce all the text that I can. Strings will obviously still be text, but everything else is being converted to numbers.
I changed an awful lot of checks/ifs/selects to numerical representations, and it all seems to still be working.
It's not sped it up at all, though. I was expecting a couple of milliseconds, but .. nope!
I guess that Javascript must already be optimising those checks as best it can, so converting them isn't really helping.

Once I (AAARGH!) start to rewrite everything in C/WASM, then having numbers everywhere will help me having to avoid using C-Strings, which I think we can all agree, are the devils work.

Sorry there's not much to show, but .. background stuff is rarely all that interesting!

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New games every week!
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