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9th October 2021  
Oops, bought myself an Oculus Quest 2!!


TLDR : A "Proper" VR headset is infinitely less sickly than a Cardboard one!

So, I bought myself a headset. I don't have a powerful computer, other than the MacBook Air, and .. I don't "Think" that works with a lot of VR headsets. Heck, it barely runs any of my Steam games without resorting to Intel-Emulation, so I really doubt it'll be doing any recent top-notch VR gaming any time soon.

Instead, I opted for the Quest 2.
I know, I know, Facebook, etc..
But I do already have a Facebook account, and all of the necessary evils wrapped around my general daily webified world, so figured what the heck..

My VR experience is much better than I was expecting. I'm not going to be playing for anything more than about half an hour at a time. That seems to be the limit before motion sickness kicks in.
But half an hour is a lot better than I originally thought it would be.
Previous Cardboard/Labo/etc experiences have been minimal at best, with me only being able to put up with around 2 or 3 minutes before needing to GTFO!

But this was nice and fast, smooth, and the tracking is ideal.

Of course, I'll have to avoid anything too motion based.. The irony of having a full VR Setup, but having to sit and mostly not move, is not lost on me.
Waving my arms around like a loon, though.. That I can do!

I'll be hopefully trying out some simple arm-waving games, and trying to get a little bit of my insane weight/stamina loss down a bit.
HP+, and all that.

AGameAWeek vs VR

I don't think I'll be making anything in VR any time soon. My 3D skills are at around about -700, right now.
However, I did open the browser and test out the main two sites.
Shoebox seems to work just fine, and I had a nice game of Klondike Solitaire, last night.
Nice and fast, no issues.

Browsercade, on the other hand, doesn't register any buttons.
I'm not sure if the Oculus browser even supports gamepad input.
I'll have to hunt around and see if I can find any options.

I've not tested GotoJSE yet.
I can't see that fairing any better than Browsercade did.

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