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Flu ++; Code --;
21st October 2021  
Yesterday was mostly spent blowing my nose.


Dunno where that came from, but ugh.
Thankfully it's just a good old fashioned flu, so I'm carrying on regardless.
I'd estimate around about 78 sneezes over the course of the day, which was great whilst trying to write this week's SoCoder newsletter and get this week's ALChoon done.

If the ALChoon has ended up a bit.. um.. "Sounds like he made this with his ears bunged up.." then that'll be why!

I spent most of yesterday watching random stuff on youtube, as well as the two part Goliath episode of Knight Rider, because.. When all else fails, there's always KITT to keep you company.

Today, hopefully I can code something useful!
We'll see.

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