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22nd October 2021  
Mum's iPad finally conked out, yesterday.


After weeks of complaining that it's taking longer and longer to charge, yesterday the device finally gave up the ghost.
It point-blank refuses to do anything, and not even holding Power+Home for 10 seconds will show any signs of life.
No battery charging display.

We'll likely send it away to get fixed up, but in the meantime, it's given me a good excuse to upgrade.

I'm upgrading to the iPad Air 4th Gen, and Mum will inherit my 3rd Gen.

The worrying thing is, it's been SO LONG since I backed up Mum's iPad, and I now can't get into it, so she's going to pretty much have to redo from start with my old one.
I don't *think* the iPad was backing up to the cloud..?
All her important passwords and the like should've been saved to the cloud, but the actual device's settings aren't likely to be part and parcel of what's been backed up.

So, that's going to be today's task.
Mine's backed up, so once the new one arrives, it'll be a simple "restore the backup! Woot!" setup.
But for the old one, I'll need to do a factory restore, and then faff about trying to figure out what to install, what icons belong where, and more.


Busy busy busy

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