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A Late Night
4th November 2021  
Spent a couple of hours, last night, watching a YouTube Stream.


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A Japanese streamer, @Hoshinonear_MOE, decided to celebrate his birthday by playing 2 hours of AGameAWeek games in SmileBASIC.
I'm incredibly privileged to be part of his celebrations.

Happy Birthday!

He seemed to enjoy the selection he played, but as the coder, I was quick to pick up on some quirky bugs as he played..


Can't go wrong with SpikeDislike, and yet...
There isn't a large enough gap between restarts. It seemed all to happy to insta-restart, meaning the player never gets to enjoy seeing their score at the end of a round.
I might chip in and tweak that a bit.

Space Popcorn(4XYV34J)

This, too, seemed to have the lack of delay between restarts. In fact, even the later games appeared to do that, too. Other than that, I didn't notice any particular issues.

Clusters of Hex(4QJEDEEVD)

Much like how the Browsercade edition needed some "connection" fixes, it seems this one does, too.
Watching as he struggled to connect things perfectly, it was apparent that much of that was down to my linking code.
There was also at least one instance where a connection didn't "spark".

Incidentally, my favourite point of this steam happens just as he loads the game (at about 28m 40s), where, after having only ever played the previous 2 of my games, he's already singing along with the AGameAWeek jingle!

A Bit of A Spin(4KE8EKE4V)

Nothing too wrong with this one, but I did notice that the timer wasn't quite as obvious as it could've been.
Also, the idea of the door on the right wasn't noticed until one of the stream's commenters mentioned it.

Meteor Defender(48APXQ3N4)

I don't think there was anything wrong, here.
He did "find" the jump button, but didn't end up using it, which.. honestly, is the exact reason I didn't bother to mention it!
When I was coding the game "Jump button" seemed obvious, but once I started playing it, the jump only ever seemed to get in the way. I left it in, though. Might as well, right!?


This game moved along far too fast. The transition between Flappy Bird and the Floaty Boat bit was far too fast for him to get to grips with, and it ended all too soon.
I think I probably need to keep that in mind if I do this again in the future.
It's nice having everything fast-paced, but if you don't know what's happening at the time, it's far too confusing.

Energy Warrior(4E494K344)

This one seemed ok, but one of the commenters mentioned it being a bit too difficult. The energy bar depletes too quickly, and the batteries don't give enough of a recharge.
Both valid points, but without those, it gets all too repetitive, far too quickly.
If I made this game into a larger "adventure", with levels and such, then maybe I could reduce those a little.
Not sure.

So, yeah, that's what I was doing until 4am. Trying to guess my way through the video, and using Google Translate on all the comments!

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