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Noisy Night
6th November 2021  
Struggled to sleep.
Stupid fireworks, all night. Grrr.


I battled with the controller, yesterday, trying to find just the right balance for the game.
When you first launch the framework, it brings up the standard Switch requester asking you to switch to joycons. If you hit A, you can carry on without.

Thumbstick moves the cursor. Tilt the controller and it also moves the cursor.
Hopefully these two things don't get in the way of each other. I've added a second-delay between using the thumbstick and when the motion control happens.
Oddly, if you hold it in handheld mode, the up and down feels inverted. An odd side-effect of having the screen in your hands, because if you have a single joycon then tilting up moves the cursor up, and feels right. Not sure why that is. It's rather odd..

Anyhoo, ignoring that, you also have mouse and touchscreen controls on top, both moving the cursor around the screen.
So, Thumbstick, Motion, Mouse, Touch.. All four working..
All Triggers, Taps and Buttons act as "Mouse Button", so whether you're waving the joycon, or prodding the touchscreen, all should be workable.

I hope..

Everything feels like it "should" work, but I won't know for sure until I'm playing the end result.
So, with all that done, I need only code an entire card game to go underneath the hand!


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