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7th November 2021  
Confusing control quirks.


If you have a joycon in your hand, pointer-style, tilting the controller up will move the mouse pointer up.
Code-wise "if tilt up, go up"

Thing is, if you're playing handheld, with the screen in your hand, that feeling is 100% wrong.
If you "Tilt up" with the Switch in your hands, your brain sees the screen tilting, and expects the cursor to move DOWN the screen.
Why is that!?
That's truly baffling!!

Today I'm going to faff about to see if I can get it to automagically figure out if the controller is attached to the screen. I know I "should" be using the whole Switch gamepad controller selection gubbins, but .. You know me!! I try to get everything to work simultaneously, to a fault!

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