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OK, Now What?
9th November 2021  
I don't think I want to do card-game after card-game on Switch, so next week's game will have to be something different.

But what!?!


I'm really struggling to come up with any more ideas for the system. Replication feels like it's starting to creep in, and I'm not sure I can come up with anything "new" on there.

Might be time to finally do that Popcorn Bucket, but that kind of game definitely needs a frontend that can handle multiple players properly.
Maybe that's something I should be working on over the next few days..?



On JSE, I'm definitely not getting any more speed increases, lately. I think it's probably been a couple of weeks before I found any impressive speed boosts.
I might honestly be at the peak of just how much I can squeeze out of the engine, using just Javascript.
.. Do I HAVE to start doing WASM!? That's an incredibly big job, if I do.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

My daily Virtual Reality energetic movement has been doing me good. Still the lack of head movement, but otherwise it's been heading in a decent direction.

My one major complaint so far has been people on YouTube, recording things with 360 degree cameras, but constantly turning them around to point at things, like they're filming with a normal camera. That's not really the point, there, is it!!?
The camera already records everything. Leave the thing alone!
The extra swirliness of that happening can really cause extreme nausea, and it's been hard to find suitable videos. But once I do, they work well enough, and my exercise bike pedalling tends to last that little bit longer.

Beat Saber's arm swinging is working out nicely, and Synth Rider is another good game for me to exercise with. In both cases, I need to be sure to turn off Obstacles, or once again we're in head-moving territory.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile, Meanwhile

We're coming up to December 1st, and this year's Advent of Creativity over at SoCoder.
I'm starting to think about what I can do, this year. Last year was the Testcard Generator, the year before was the Knitter, and before that the Sprite Generator.

Would I be doing something like that, again?
What else could I create, in that style?

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