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A Restless Night
10th November 2021  
Neck got sore, last night.


As the winter nights creep in, my neck is doing it's usual cramping up.
Woke up in the middle of the night in agony, and had to put my Snood on to keep my neck warm.
It's about 4 or 5 hours later, and the pain's starting to dissipate enough that I can think straight, but .. boy, what a night.

Today, my BIG advent calendar will be turning up. I once again bought the massive DegustaBox advent calendar, and am hoping that it isn't just a repeat of last year's goodies. Time will tell.
If you'd like to flick through last year's contents, they're all archived in last year's "Badvent" thread, over at SoCoder.

We'll be doing the same sort of thing this year. I've got a couple of other advent calendars to go through alongside the Degusta one, so if you're into random tat, I'll be posting a link to this year's thread once it all kicks off.


More games to code...
Michael Fernie suggested in a comment yesterday that a lack of games is definitely something that's hit the site, this year. And I wholeheartedly agree.
All the time I've spent on JSE has drastically reduced the number of games I've been making for the site.
The only things, really, have been the SmileBASIC games, but I understand that not everyone has access to those.
(But, really, do grab SmileBASIC if you can. There's been some REALLY great games on there, recently!)
In the background, in recent weeks, I've been coding away in JSE, trying to make as many games as I can. As a result, the AGameAWeek JSE-Based Advent calendar is, in fact, about 30% complete.

There WILL be games.
They ARE coming!
Just wait a little bit longer..
.. .. Whilst I code like a crazed mule, trying to get all the games ready in time!

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