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Thursday Gubbins
11th November 2021  
Last night's ALChoon session turned out nice!


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.. or at least, I think it did.
Sounds alright to me!

I spent about an hour listening back to some older tracks, and .. I think something's gone awry with KorgGadget, because some of the old tracks sound .. weird..
Perhaps the switch from one device to another has broken some of Gadget's functionality?
An update or two that's twisted a few settings in ways they didn't intend.
Maybe some of the instruments or effects have changed over time?
Not 100% sure.

They certainly don't sound like the raw .wav files that I rendered at the time. I figured I'd better check, in case it was a false memory, but.. Nope.. They're definitely different.

Which is slightly annoying, especially since the iPad is holding literally hundreds of such projects in an ever increasing list.

That's not good..
Maybe I oughta cut my losses, and delete (after archiving, of course) all of the old tracks from the iPad. If they're not going to play back correctly, there's not much point in having all the files clogging up the device.

Let this be a lesson.
Keep an archive of everything you do.
And backup, often!

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