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Unplanned Beginnings
12th November 2021  
I'm completely at a loss as to what to do in SmileBASIC, this week.


Today, I suppose I'll be doing that "blindly coding random elements until a game appears" thing.
Trying to get all these Advent games to come together has wracked my brain to the point where I'm struggling to think of anything other than "Maybe I should just play Animal Crossing for a while."

Perhaps I should dig out the emulators and see if I can come up with some kind of crazy mashup or something?


Speaking of spending more time gaming than I oughta, a nice new version of Galaga (Galaga Wars) popped up on Apple Arcade, last night.
Fast paced, deadly, and full of bright neon colours.
Also, plenty of unlockables and upgrades for your ship, all of which stick to the Apple Arcade rule of "No In-App-Purchases", which is SUCH a good rule to have.

Honestly, it reminded me SO much of the Amiga classic Deluxe Galaga than standard Galaga. It's nice to see such a fun rendition of the game, and would more than likely have been something that Edgar M. Vigdal would've approved of.
RIP Edgar.

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