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13th November 2021  
Started a game of sorts, last night.


Moving platforms, water, endless travelling.
If I'm honest, it's quite a lot like Donkey Wrong, so I definitely need to find a way to make it .. NOT like Donkey Wrong.
Not sure which way to go.



Off to get my Covid Booster shot, today, so the rest of today and tomorrow will likely be completely messed up.
Bad timing, really. Seems a lot of these jabs all happen when I'm busying away making an Advent Calendar!!
Monday will be a trip to the docs for a Diabetes check.
*grumble grumble*

I'm no good in the cold.
My snood has been on pretty much permanently for the past few days, and it's not getting any warmer!

.. They used to come out to me with these things!!


Right, code what I can, prepare for a rubbish weekend, and expect mostly drowsiness.
Go, Jay, Go!!

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New games every week!
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