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Slightly Panicky
16th November 2021  
Me, worried about not getting all the Advent Calendar done in time?


I've done 12. Well, 11 and a half, because one of the games is a bit .. not good.

I have around about 14 days to code the other 12 games, stress test them, fix up the mountains of issues, and also figure out how I'm going to work the thing on the site.
Lots to do.
And really not enough time to do it all!

Get back to coding, Jay! Time is of the essence.
But do it calmly, and sensibly. There's still oodles of AGameAWeek time to get it all done.
You're used to doing things this quickly. It'll be ok. You'll manage.

The last thing you want is to rush it, like Rockstar rushed that GTA Trilogy Remaster!

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New games every week!
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