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Xmas is Approaching
20th November 2021  


Yesterday I got most of Thursday's Advent game done, but it still isn't quite finished, so I'll be trying my best to do that, today.
I should really be aiming for "Done in a day" games, at this point, and will likely be scaling down my plans as I go forward.

Realistically, I'm only about halfway to the goal, which wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't coded the first one in the middle of bloomin' September!!
I then spent the next month and a half tweaking JSE to make it as fast as I possibly could, and now I'm smushed up against a rapidly approaching deadline, as I scramble to get all these games ready in time.

Of course, I could kinda cheat, and code the last few games DURING advent, but I'd prefer to have that time free to work on a more fun Xmas day release.

.. Will that happen!?
It's not looking very likely, if I'm honest!

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