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21st November 2021  
Two games finished, yesterday!


The one I vaguely started on Thursday was swiftly followed by a fairly rapidly coded game, both of which have been added to the Advent Calendar.


.. And then I remembered I have to code a SmileBASIC game, too, and all the panic returned, as I scrambled together a vague idea of a game which may or may not end up as a playable thing.
Arrgh! Panic!

It's a vague Chain-Reaction clone, but with three different coloured things to hit. Y, B and A fire off the different colours, and you have to wait for the bomb to recharge, whilst more and more of the things swarm towards you..

.. Is the plan, but right now none of the swarming is happening, and I'm not even sure if the mechanic will work well enough.
One of those "Play it and figure it out as you go" game ideas that, hopefully, will end up with a game at the other end, before I finish off the game, and then start a whole new one for the Advent Calendar.

This isn't going well!!!

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New games every week!
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