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The Thrill of the Deadline
25th November 2021  
Oh dear. I didn't get enough done, yesterday.


I finished off another day, and made a start on another another game, but didn't get nearly as much of it done as I'd've liked. The main issue being just how much work has to be done on this game. I'm using the Tilemap functionality for a platform game, meaning I need to collide sprites with the background, whilst scrolling it.
It's not exactly the easiest thing to handle, and having to do it all whilst also worrying about the deadline, having to do the SoCoder Newsletter, scrambling together an ALChoon, and then preparing for a SmileBASIC game for the week.
It's all been a heck of a chore, and it's not done yet.

6 days remaining.
Will I manage!?
Or will I go completely crazy!?

.. Or am I already completely crazy!?!

Image : End result/character will more than likely not look anything like this, so figured I'd post this since it's not really a spoiler in any way.
.. Except, it'll be a platformer, so maybe that's a spoiler!?!
Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone!

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