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28th November 2021  
I did a little bit of the SmileBASIC game, yesterday. ... And another couple of Advent games.
It's all coming together.
No need to panic..


I also need to design some form of Advent Calendar.
A nice big christmassy picture with opening doors would be nice, but realistically, where the heck is that going to go!?
.. And how on earth would I design it?!

With just a few more days to go, I'd better make a plan, and make it quick!

ToDo List

Calendar Design/Plan
Big picture, method for doors. *shrugs*

2 More Calendar Games
Only two.. But I also really need to fix one of them, too, 'cos it's very broken.
I might end up scrapping that one and replacing it, but .. who has the time!?!?

SmileBASIC Game
The jumping works, the platforms are there, now all I need is some gameplay!!


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New games every week!
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