New games every week!
OK, Here we go!!
30th November 2021  
... No, wait.. Still have a game to code..


Yesterday I spent literally hours working on the Advent Calendar.
First, I sorted the games, deciding on which game would be released on which day, and vaguely planning how I'd have to upload everything on the day so as not to spoil things.
Next, I had to start drawing and screenshooting and doing the logos and whatnot.

Making good use of The Titler Tool, I generated 24 little logos. I grabbed 24 little icons for behind the doors, and upscaled them to be the final uploaded icons for the Game Archive.
I did finishing touches to 24 games, and double-backup'd the code, just incase!

Everything is ready to go..

.. Except I still have one little gap in the advent calendar, where I need to code another game.
And I'm still not happy with one game's difficulty level, and/or lack thereof.
But other than that.. We're ready to go.

The Advent(ure) starts tomorrow!

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New games every week!
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