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Still Being Lazy
31st December 2021  
Oh boy, I'm completely giving up on everything, this week!!


Sat for most of the day thinking "Need to fix that Scale 3.. If nothing else, that needs doing.." and then not doing that at all.

Instead, Me and Mum played a couple of board games. A bit more of the classic Boggle, and also a game called A Little Wordy, from Exploding Kittens, which is a bit like playing Hangman crossed with Guess Who. Nice.
Other than that, another generally lazy day with zero productivity.

Today's the last day of the year.
As of tomorrow, it's right back into full swing, starting with a SmileBASIC game for Sunday.
Hopefully I don't overdo it on the Baileys, tonight!!

Happy New Year, everyone!
Have a great night.

Bonus Material (which people will only ever find if they read this particular blog entry) : AGameAWards 2021 : The Card Thumbnails : The Complete Deck
Note to self : That's probably the sort of content you should be posting to Patreon.

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