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Happy New Year!
1st January 2022  
Let's hope it's better than the last couple, eh?


Spent a good number of hours trying to get a better output from the PixelPainter tool.
I had an idea for a better outline method, and tweaked it endlessly before ultimately giving up and reverting to the old one. So.. Yeah, that was a waste of time!
The scribbling method still looks a little too scraggly. I'm thinking of maybe limiting it to more horizontal based scribbles, unless it can find a definite reason to do vertical ones. Might require a little extra look-up before starting to scribble.

Incidentally, I've also managed to find that odd bug that used to happen when you initiated your first sketch using Thick Wax. Turned out I had a Divide By Zero in amongst the code. Eeek!


Right then. Start of the new year.

Time to decide on the best schedule for games, going ahead.
I might go back to 2020's "Monday = Shoebox/Browsercade/GotoJSE, Friday = SmileBASIC" schedule.
I think that worked better.
Something really odd happened, last year, when I tried switching those around!

... Maan, I have to code a game, now!!!

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