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3rd January 2022  
Yesterday's Browsercade upload went swimmingly.

Note : I can't swim. And the game almost drowned.


I'm so out of practice, it's insane.

The first issue was a lack of scoring.
"I'm sure I coded scores," I said, and yep absolutely, there were the score functions. "Why's it not counting up!?!"
"Aaaah, of course..."
Browsercade doesn't use a Score variable. It uses plr[50], like everything from roughly 2010 has.
It's only since starting GotoJSE and thinking "I should probably use a normal Score variable" that I've gone back to using a normal Score variable.
A bunch of tweaking later, the score was working, the game was ready and all was good to go.

.. Except for the music.
JMTrackr was still using the old Browsercade version from earlier in the year, not the newer version I tweaked for GotoJSE. This meant things sounded ever so slightly .. older..!?!
So I fixed that.
I copy+pasted the code from JSE, swapped out the instrument pack (a blank .xm mod), and readied it to go.
Good stuff! All was good to go.

I hit the upload button, then gave it a test and realised I'd forgotten to code any Delta timing to cope with the two available frame rates. (Options, Battery Saver or Full Speed)

So, in I went and recoded a ton of the movement and physics, and then, finally, all was good to go.

Upload 52 was eventually done, and I was finally happy with the result.
Except the Goto/GameTitle isn't working. I'd completely forgotten about that particular issue.
"Meh, it'll do for now." I gave up trying to fix things, and went on to do the video, CoverArt, screenshots, blog and other stuff to finalise a game.

2022 : 1 Week : 1 Game
Let's see if we can keep that going!

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