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Daily AI Art?
5th January 2022  
Came across another of those "AI Art Generator" things, yesterday.


Nightcafe.Studio allow you to enter a line of text, and then it generates artwork loosely based around the text you've entered.

Since it's AI, there are some things it doesn't quite know, so you couldn't for example ask it do draw anything with Platdude involved. For example, the phrase "Platdude is wearing a new hat." doesn't quite come up with a very Platdude looking image.

"Platdude is wearing a new hat."

Whereas something more common does result in a much more recognisable image.

"Gordon Freeman's therapy session didn't go well."

This morning, I decided to feed my daily Poetry into it, to see how well that does.

Fresh from the toaster,
The bread springs to life.
Crispy and warm,
Seeking butter and knife.

I kinda like how that's ended up looking, and have decided I should probably try that out each day.
Where to put them? Not sure.
I might have to reformat part of the front-page of the site to accommodate them.
We'll see.


Yesterday I worked on this week's ALChoon and it's come out rather nicely.
I still have to come up with a new video style for this year's choons, though.
They'll probably end up being more or less the same, but it'd be nice to have an ounce of design to the choons.

Today's plan, I need to finish off whatever the heck it was I started for SmileBASIC, this week.
I have a grid that lights up, and .. that's about it, really.
Unplanned chaos ahead!

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