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A Vague Idea
8th January 2022  
Took me all day yesterday to come up with an idea for a Shoebox game.


By the end of the day, I was getting so desperate that I decided to try that new AI Art Generator thing, to see if it had any good ideas.

"The ultimate word game."

I studied the picture, and .. would you believe it, I actually came up with a game idea from that..!
Awesome. Might have to do that again in the future.

Today's task, then, is to code the game.
Word Tower : Starting with a fully formed 9 letter word at the bottom, your task will be to reuse the same letters to make a different word on the line above, then repeat over and over.
If you drop any letters along the way, you can no longer use those letters in future words.
Continue, until you can no longer make any new words.

... From THAT image!!!
(It looks a little bit like the tiles are in a triangle formation..)

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