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Clearing Out the Email
9th January 2022  
Spent last night .. organising!!


Whenever I have a vague game idea, I pop it into an email and send it to myself.
Over most of 2021, however, I was FAR too busy doing JSE that these ideas built up and up and up.
Last night, I started sifting through the ideas, trying desperately to remember what things like "brikalong" were supposed to be, and exactly what sort of Minigolf I could possibly have meant when I already have a Minigolf in Shoebox.

The list got shorter and shorter, and the "Ideas Spreadsheet" got bigger and bigger.
I'm now down to just 9 unread emails, which I think is a fairly decent number.

Remaining emails include
"Music Upgrades" (JMTrackr instrument packs)
A reminder to look into WebXR for VR possibilities.
A link to a WASM tutorial
And that email from RedBubble letting me know I can sell products on their store.

.. Hmm..

Yep, plenty to keep me busy.

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