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Finally Watched Ghostbusters..
10th January 2022  
Geez, that was a long wait..


.. Well, no, it wasn't really.. The movie only came out in theatres a few months ago, and as long a wait as it's felt, it's not really been all that bad in the grand scheme of things.
I was patient. I ignored as many spoilers as possible. Then at midnight last night it finally popped up on iTunes.


A good movie.
*no spoilers*


Since I figured the movie would be unlocking at midnight, and that I'd then watch it, and then watch all the Ghostbusters Afterlife content, and then all the iTunes extras, I decided it'd probably be best to have a rest day first.... So that's roughly what I did.
I did manage to tweak a couple of minor JSE bits, but it wasn't anything noteworthy.

Lazy Jay!

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