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JSE GUI Tweaks
11th January 2022  
A nice new addition to JSE (I think?) is the idea of Templates.


Currently the four available templates are..
Standard Project, the original blank template.
GameHandler Project, a template with the most barebones of things needed to get you started with the GameHandler menu system.
GameHandler Calendar Project, ditto, but with the calendar instead.
40x25 (1k) Project, which sets up a 25 line template. with a 40 character comment so you can try to squeeze your code inside that area.

Are they good enough?
I'm not sure.
I do think I need to tweak the GameHandler templates a bit, to minimise them a little more, but otherwise they do their job.

Do you have any other template ideas that you think I should implement?
Let me know.

You can hit the New Project button to see the options.

Incidentally, I also added "Click outside of the menu to go back" functionality to this, and also the couple of requesters, too. Seems to work well enough.

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