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Bombing Along Nicely
13th January 2022  
The Bomberman clone is proving to be fairly decent, so far.


I got the movement more or less as I'd like it, and the bombs are doing what bomberman bombs oughta do, triggering each other off and going all kablammo and stuff.

It'd probably be a good idea to start converting this over to Browsercade, so I might start doing that later on today.
I also need to now add the various enemies into the game.
I'm thinking an uppy-downy thing, a side-to-side thing, and a more random thing, too.
I'm also considering some kind of snake that would break into pieces when bombed. .. That might be hard to code, though!!
We'll see.

I should have the SmileBASIC game ready to go by tomorrow (hopefully), so stay tuned to see how that pans out!

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