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17th February 2022
Updated 17th Feb 2022 : Mini Invasion

A select set of tiny games.


One of the Templates in GotoJSE is a 25x40 shaped area.
"That's a bit tiny isn't it?" I hear you cry. "What could you possibly do in that space?"

Since GotoJSE is more freeform than classic BASICs, the idea of a good old "Ten Liner" doesn't really work in the environment.
Because I love the challenge of crunching my code into tiny areas, and with oodles of experimentation into quite how limited I wanted the challenge to be, I've decided to go for 40x25 as a nice compressed area into which I can attempt to squeeze some code.

My hope is that, as I grow accustomed to the language, I'll be able to squeeze more and more into the tiny area.
But will I?
Who knows.

If you'd like to join in, use the 40x25 template, and send me the results.


Mini Digs

1st January 2022
The first attempt at this kind of things. It's incredibly basic, doesn't have any audio, no scoring, and doesn't have any kind of real goal other than not dying, and watching for that time limit.
Controls : Cursors to Move

Mini Bike

5th January 2022
Ride your bike around the arena as much as you can, without crashing into yourself.
The longer you ride, the higher you score.
Controls : Cursors to Move

Mini Dodge

10th January 2022
Reach the gap in the bars, before it's too late.
Controls : Mouse/Touch

Mini Highrise

20th January 2022
Destroy all the buildings!
Controls : Button = Bomb

Mini Sequence

27th January 2022
Drag the mouse/your finger from 1 to 9, without hitting any wrong numbers in-between.
Note : If you're playing on a touchscreen, keep your finger on the screen or you'll lose!
Controls : Mouse/Touch

Mini Frog

03rd February 2022
You know the deal here. Get the frog (face?!) to the other side of the road.
Controls : Cursors to Move

Mini Muncher

10th February 2022
Grab as many of the lovely cinnamon rolls as you can, within just 10 seconds!
Controls : Cursors to move.

Mini Invasion

17th February 2022
Shoot all the invaders, before they reach the planet.
(The planet is unseen, but, trust me, it's just below the bottom of the screen.. definitely!!)
Controls : Cursors + Z to fire.
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