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17th January 2022
I figured I'd have a play at some of Foldapuz's puzzles, yesterday, and... Uhoh!!!


This is what happens when you leave something untouched for, oooh, a year..
If you head to Unfolded, scribble something, then refresh the page, it's "supposed" to redraw your scribble in the same place.
Except it isn't.
It's all a great big mess.
Bah, humbug.

I think I might spend a few hours trying to fix that up.
To be honest, I could probably do with a complete Unfolded Overhaul. Might try to do that.
That's definitely a plan.

Yep, yep, yep..


Attempted a couple of games for this week's 40x25 game.
I couldn't quite squeeze Missile Command into the tiny area.

The need for checking bombs against missiles, needing two loops and lots of collision stuff, really made the code much bigger than I could cram into the tiny 40x25 character space.

I gave up, and set it aside for another time.
Instead, then, I made a different game, which turned out nicely enough. Game will be added to the 40x25 post in a few days.


Tons of coding.
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