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Unfolded Progress
18th January 2022  
Yesterday I hit the giant "DELETE" key on the Foldapuz Unfolded script, and restarted it from scratch.


Making good use of the Shoebox's canvas drawing engine, things got from 0% to about 10% fairly quickly, with scribbles showing up all over the screen rather than just on the puzzle you're trying to scribble onto.

You can try the Play with the test here.
It's extremely early, right now, and barely does much of anything.

A new menu system has been started. 10 icons along the top, you hold one of them down, and the 10 boxes change to other things.. Currently only the leftmost box works, which is the Pen Size.

Hold down the left-hand box, drag left or right to select a pen size.
I *think* this is intuitive enough...?
Let me know your thoughts.

Of course, as should be expected with my coding, the bloomin' GUI doesn't fit on an iPhone.. But then I haven't really added any scaling to it, yet.


Oh, god, the maths!!!
Zooming once again became an incredible struggle for me, but after a good solid 4 or 5 hours, I managed to get it up to a decent standard.
Seems to work ok, now, though it can be a little "jumpy" on smaller devices, where the pinching is much finer. I'll try to add some smoothing to it.


I definitely need to optimise the drawing routine. Currently if you reach more than about 5000 points on the screen, it'll start to struggle redrawing everything.
A buffer would be preferable, but given the zoom and such, it'd end up being a HUGE buffer.
I might, instead, just focus on optimising it as much as I can.

You can try the Play with the test here.
Note : The test is the live test that I'm working on, so will no doubt break/enhance at random points as I continue to work on it.

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