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Unfolded, Folded Again
19th January 2022  
I'm about 90% done with the new version of Foldapuz Unfolded.


Truth be told, it pretty much looks like the original, at this point.
But the new Game Menu is up and running, and things are loading and saving as they oughta.
Seems that it wasn't "That" hard of a job, once I finally got the pinch-zoom to work correctly.
Speaking of which, don't try to pinch-zoom on a MacBook, as that changes the screen zoom, not the puzzle. I'm sure I can fix that, somehow, but .. Bah, humbug..

Other than that, though, it works as well as can be expected.

To Do

I *think* the only really important thing, right now, is to get the URL based puzzle selection working.
Once that's in, the site is more or less ready to go.
Unfortunately, I can't actually test that functionality unless I overwrite the original Foldapuz Unfolded, rather than have it as a test, so .. um..
Yep, guess that's going to be the next big step in this process.


There's a new "A with a splodge of paint" button in the menu. Toggling this will change whether your scribbles appear above or below the Foldapuz page contents.
"What's the point of that?" I head you ask.
Well, whenever I tried doing the wordsearch game, it always frustrated me that I had to draw AROUND the word, instead of a long stroke through the word.

Now clicking the button will move the paint to either above or below the original image, giving you a bit of extra functionality. (Though, it's only one or the other.. not both..)
It's great when doing the Clusters game, or the Five Blocks, or basically anything where you'd be colouring in a particular area, since you can still see where the lines are, afterwards.

It also lets you colour in the fishing bloke, without resorting to using the tiny pen!

Last Button

There's one button left on the menu.
On the one hand, it could possibly be an Opacity option, so you can mix colours and such. That would probably be a decent idea if I wanted to turn the site into some sort of Art tool.

I do kind-of have another possibility for that button.
Me and Michael Fernie have been emailing back and forth about some kind of Pixel-By-Numbers thing, but it simply wouldn't fit into the shrunken size of a Foldapuz mini-page.
But would it work as a standalone?
And should that be integrated into the site as a whole?!
I'm not sure..

We'll see..

You can Play with the test version here.

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