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Enhanced Folds
29th January 2022  
Last night's rejigging of the Foldapuz Solutions was spawned by a conversation on Twitter.


Tobobobo suggested that the position of the Lattice solution always seems to be too close to the edge, and never random enough.
I couldn't quickly check this without a lot of solving along the way, so headed into Unfolded and added the Reveal function.. At which point I then had to rewrite how solutions are displayed so I could do them properly.

Today, then, I aim to delve into the randomness code, and see if I can make the positions of the word a bit more chaotic.
I'm fairly certain I know how best to do it, but whether it works that well or not.. Who knows!!

Once that's done, back to the week's Browsercade game, where things have pretty much changed entirely from the initial plan.
It's now looking a bit more Tower Defence, and .. yeah, that's probably the style I'll aim for, I think.

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New games every week!
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