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16th February 2022  
After a recent suggestion from Michael Fernie, I've added the option to flick through the previous 8 days' Painting With Platdude images.
You can now head back and paint images you've missed over the last week.


This was a surprisingly complicated thing to add, mostly because I've already started to forget how I coded the bloomin' thing!
It's a hodgepodge of bits and pieces, from Foldapuz functionality to Shoebox bits, and more, all scrambled together into an attempt to be something functional.
If I redid it all from start, I'm sure it'd be much neater, but at this point I've written so much base-functionality that it'd be a waste not to reuse it.

And so the codebase grows and grows, far beyond what is necessary.
I keep complaining that people online seem to suggest "Just use x library" all the time, instead of suggesting how to ACTUALLY code something, but .. here I am, doing much of the same thing.

But, hey, at least I actually coded it, even if I can barely make heads or tails out of it, anymore!!

Anyhoo, with a bit of number mashing, and a lot of reloading of things, it all got done eventually.
The "Previous Days" button is on the top right of the GUI, and it oughta work well enough.

Good luck painting!

You can Paint with Platdude here.

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