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Commence Learning..
20th March 2022  
Good grief, that's a hefty manual for Blitz2.0 (Amiga)


I haven't got very far through it, and have barely started reading through the simple "Print/MouseWait/End" tutorials at the start.
My impatience wants to jump through the manual and start doing cool things, but I remember previously struggling to understand Blitz back in my AMOS days, so am taking things easy.

.. I did draw a Spike in DeluxePaint, though, in preparation of being able to load it and display it. I'm not really sure what options I have in Blitz, as far as recolouring the sprite in realtime. I can't imagine it's all *that* fast, but then I also have Palettes to play with, so.. maybe?!


More money has been spent. I got myself a new Megadrive/Genesis controller from Retro-Bit, which arrived yesterday.
Works a treat, though (as with the original Megadrive pad) only the B button is a working Amiga button. (I might have to look into that, though. It's possible the Amiga's registering other buttons, but that the games I'm playing are only working with the one button.)

I also ordered a SDCard to CompactFlash adapter, which the CompactFlash to PCMCIA Amiga driver SAYS should work with the thing. Better bloomin' do. This is ABSOLUTELY the last CompactFlash thing I buy. Spent a smegging fortune on a ton of cards that don't work with the thing.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

Started work on a Calendar-Level-Select for Browsercade. If I AM going to do a Quadoban in there, then this is the best option to getting a ton of selectable levels.
Not sure how well it'll fit onto different screen ratios, but I'm trying my best to make a generic flat-calendar style thing.

It'll do..
Now I need to figure out how I'm going to store 366 sets of "level complete" data inside the relatively tiny amount of save data that each game gets.

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