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5th April 2022

Can you kick it? Yes you can!
Can you kick it towards the moving goalpost? Not so much!

You can Play Kick Kick Mushroom over in the Browsercade.


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- Move

What I Didn't Do

This concept was made about 3 or 4 weeks ago, using GotoJSE, and I decided that it'd probably work well if done in the Shoebox.
Whilst doing everything else over the past few weeks, I've continued to tweak the physics of the Shoebox edition. Grabbing the player token, thwacking the football token, aiming for the goal.
But no matter what I tried the movement physics just didn't ever feel right.
The difference between a quick swipe with your finger, or a gentle stroke with the mouse, because amplified when trying to play this game.

Ultimately, it never appeared, and so I rewrote the game for the third time in Browsercade, instead.
It works better, here.
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