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Temporary Upgrade
27th April 2022  
One of the annoying issues I'm having with the Amiga is a lack of SUPERSIZED Compact Flash space.


No matter what sort of CF card I try, nothing above 128Mb seems to be working.
For a while, I've been wondering if it's the Amiga 600's Kickstart version that's the issue, so yesterday I started playing around with SKick. A piece of software that lets you temporarily run a different kickstart version on your Amiga.
This is only temporary, because the Kickstart Rom is indeed that.. A Read Only chip.
Instead, SKick will place the downloaded file into RAM, and that ends up using about half a megabyte, but it does indeed work how it oughta, and lets the Amiga reboot with this new Kickstart version.

I also made a backup of the Compact Flash and then set about installing Workbench 3.1 onto it, too.

My mindset was, "If this works, I'll head to and buy myself an Official Kick3.2.1 Rom chips, alongside a proper version of WB3.1, then do a proper job of it."

Unfortunately, after all of the faffing about, the Amiga still refused to work with any of the Compact Flash card upwards of 128Mb.

I guess at some point I might have to void the warranty on the Amiga and actually open the poor little thing up.

Aw well..
With a quick power cycle, the Amiga popped back to its oldskool Kickstart rom, and the Compact Flash's contents have been restored to the WB2.04, just like it used to be.

Fiddly bugger.

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