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Mild Panic
28th April 2022  
As I collected bits for this week's SoCoder Newsletter, I suddenly realised I'd not yet done an ALChoon!!


I scrambled to come up with something, and ended up with three half-assed bits of nothingness.
Eventually, a choon finally emerged, but .. boy, that was late in the day, and panic had well and truly set in by that point.

Trying to create music to a weekly deadline is hard enough. I honestly can't imagine how on earth Jonathan Mann has managed to do it, daily, for the sheer amount of time that he's been doing it.
He's almost up to 5,000 days!!

.. And he does lyrics...



Made a start on the Shoebox game, due Monday.
It's simplistic enough, but I'm going to have to leave it for a couple of days and get a SmileBASIC game done, instead.
Hopefully that doesn't result in me losing momentum and not bothering to go back to it.
.. That happens a lot, around here!!

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