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Planning Ahead
29th April 2022  
1. I think the Amiga might be AGameAMonth. The first two games have been End of March and End of April, so that seems like a good enough plan.


Still, holding it off gives me time to do a decent soundtrack and work out a nice way to display the target/goal and such.

2. This week's SmileBASIC game is coming along nicely. A weird glitchy thing that stretches out.
Not 100% sure on the gameplay yet, but the thing feels like it oughta end up as a game.
So much so that I'm tempted to redo it in Browsercade... Maybe next next week for that..

I know it's not a looker, but .. it is fun!!

3. GOPS is almost ready for the Shoebox, so that's next week's game sorted. Just a bit of a tweak to AL, since it's supposed to be a "strategy" game.. I'm struggling to figure out what the strategy is, and/or how best to play the game.
I'll have to read up a bit more, I think.

4. I'm pretty sure, now, that I'm going to be making the switch to Ableton. After a week or two properly playing with the Lite edition, I'm slowly getting to grips with it. Finding decent WORKING vst instruments has been a bit of a pain. With Apple constantly changing the goalposts, seems like a lot of the older free VSTi's are breaking.
Once the Bitter album is complete in a couple of months, I'll probably switch from KORGGadget to Ableton, full time.

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