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An Ominous Crash
1st May 2022  
Somewhere, when loading Blockman Gets, the Amiga is crashing.


I'm not entirely sure when it started happening, as I was doing one of those "epic amounts of coding without testing" sessions, so today I'm going to have to backtrack and find the cause of it.

It's an odd issue to be having at this stage, really, since I was fairly confident that I knew what I was doing, as far as the loading screen goes.
It's supposed to be pretty much identical between games, so .. perhaps it isn't specifically down to the code, and is instead down to the files themselves?
I'll have to double check everything to be sure.
I did do a cheeky bit of audio editing in Windows, since I still haven't found the right audio editor to work with on the Amiga.
Music, sure, but audio!?!

Or maybe one particular waveform is just too big for the Amiga to handle? That's a possibility.. The big "diddle-diddle-diddle-diddle-dee" when you complete a level is a fairly large .iff file.
I'm now wondering if it'd work well to move those jingles into the mod file, instead of having them as giant waveforms.

It doesn't help, of course, that when the game crashes, it takes the entire Amiga down with it, meaning any debugging abilities are absolutely lost.
It's going to be a case of tweak-test-crash-reboot-reload-tweak-test, over and over again.


Can't find a good strategy for GOPS, so it'll just have to do as it is!
So odd that with a name that literally stands for "Game of Pure Strategy", that there isn't actually a good strategy to playing the game.
What's that about!?!

As far as I can tell, the game is more or less as random as playing Top Trumps.
"Oh, I'll play this card, 'cos he won't have a higher value than 12"... "Oh, he had a 79,000"

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