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The Disk Drawer
4th May 2022  
Last night I opened the Disk Drawer and started on my epic quest..


The first pile, the missing third pile from the right.

I sat the all on the bed, and one by one popped them into the Amiga, then used ADFBlitzer to archive what it could into .adf format files.
It didn't manage everything, though, failing to read about 20 or so disks from the file. Whether that's because they've gotten too old to be readable, or because the Amiga's disk drive is starting to go, I'm not sure.
But it handled most of them well enough.
.. I think..!

Took about 5 hours, in all, for that single row of disks.

Today's task will be to extract all of that data, then find a way to sift through it and see what fun little scraggly bits and pieces I can come up with.
Should be fun, right?!!

Expect a few odd posts over the next few days.

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