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Making a List
8th May 2022  
I'm currently working on redoing "Oh Cheeses" in the Browsercade, and ...



On the left, the SmileBASIC version. On the right, the Browsercade version.
There's definitely something missing there, and I think we all know what it is.
I mean, I've hidden it as well as I can with the multicoloured background, but it sure would be nice to have the walls be multicoloured instead.

Web Canvas is horrible at recolouring sprites, and there's just no easy way around that.
I think it's probably time to switch to WebGL. I *think* that might solve most of my issues, but right now I'm all coded out, and am instead hunting for a quick fix.
I'm making a list of all the vaguely useable languages available, and am going be testing a bunch of them out, to see if they're compatible with my coding style.

And then probably give up trying to do that, and rewriting my engine in WebGL, because at this point, I think that's going to end up being the optimal way of doing it.

But first a few tests.

I started out last night by installing GameMaker.
I opened the tool, created a new project (Naming it SpikeDislike, of course!) and then stared at the screen for a good ten minutes or so.

There are GUI elements for Scenes, and Screens, and Levels and Sprites and things like that.
And .. To code..
There's.. um..

Where's the code bit?

I hunted, but inevitably gave up and uninstalled the thing.

Give me a blank screen with a cursor and I'm happy.
Give me an all-encompassing graphical interface, and I don't have a bloomin' clue!!!
... Yeah, I'll probably be rewriting the Browsercade, then, won't I...

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