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Game Incoming.. Right?!
9th May 2022  
Progress has stalled on the Oh Cheeses Browsercade edition.


I keep heading into the game, tweaking it a bit, and then faffing about with side projects like the Language Testing thing.

I've started a thread over on SoCoder, and will be keeping that up to date when I try out various languages.
I also started, once more, to look into WebGL with the intention of getting it working on Browsercade first and foremost.

Meanwhile the actual game is sitting in a half-complete mode.
You can run around and eat the cheeses, but the computer player isn't doing a thing, yet.
Today I'll try my best to focus and get that done, but no guarantees!!
I get bored when trying to replicate a game that I've only just done, and I think this week is showing that absolutely.
But I'll try my best.
.. it might be late!!

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New games every week!
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