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11th May 2022  
With a little more tweaking, the JSE Player is now up and running.


If you've created a game using, and want it to be a permanent feature on your site, you can now use the JSE Player to do that.

You have to download this zip file, unzip it, and edit the mygames/MyGame.js file.
Change the name of the game at the top, and then paste your game's code into the big variable.
Once you've done that, you're ...pretty much.. good to go.

If you'd like, you can rename the game's .js file, then re-point to the changed version by editing the player.html file. If you're going to be uploading lots of games, you would then have different .js files, and rename the player.html to suit each game, bundling them all into a single folder so you don't have a bunch of copies of the engine/jse files all over your server.
But it isn't necessary.
Do as you wish!

Change the MyLogo.png if you want to spruce things up a bit, and set about editing all those favicon images, too.
Once you're done, upload it all to your server, and link to the result.

Next Step...

Sure would be handy to have an export button to do all that for you, huh..?
Maybe reuse Sprite 1 to generate the favicon, and edit the script file, rename the player.html, etc, then zip it all up and let you download it in a nice neat package..

... Haven't a bloomin' clue how to do all that, though.
But it would definitely be nice to have.

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