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12th May 2022  
The GameJolt and tests are a success. A game coded in JSE "can" be uploaded to those..
So now to figure out how to export a project..


To be honest, I spent most of yesterday doing this week's SoCoder Newsletter, so didn't really have a chance to investigate the .zip possibilities, properly.

I need to figure out how to organise a folder of files, rename some a file or two, and edit a couple of files, then zip them up.
.. All inside the browser...!!?

I suppose Server-Side functionality could possibly be a thing, but I'm trying to find ways to do this without needing that. If everything works inside the browser, then it means I can potentially scoop up the folder and pop THAT into a zip, so people can host their own versions of GotoJSE.

But first is the Project Export.
And .. Boy, this one's going to be a toughy..

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