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14th May 2022  
Pakz emailed me last night to tell me of a Bug he'd found in JSE.


Rand() wasn't working in Arrays.
eg MyArray(Rand(0,10))

Why would that be?
So I dug into the code, and discovered that, somewhere along the lines (probably whilst testing) I removed the bracket-counting in the Dim setup.
As it scans the code, it finds duplicates of the requested Dim and changes all references to an internal "GetArray()" command.
It then checks the very end of the array's brackets, and if there's an =, changes it to a SetArray instead.

But, due to .. some reason I'm not sure of.. It was mis-counting, and stopping its check at the first close-bracket.
MyArray(1)=1 would work just fine.
MyArray((1))=1 would fail, because that first close-bracket doesn't have an equal next to it.

So I tweaked and fixed it, squished the bug, then faffed about for a bit to get everything uploaded properly.



There's a new button up at the top-left of
The new "Zip Project" button will do just that. It compiles your game's code and the Player engine into a single zip file.
You can then upload this zip to, GameJolt, or extract it and upload the files to a folder on your own server, and it "should" Just Work.

I'd still like to see if I can get it to automagically do the Favicon, too, but that became far too complex, as I wrapped myself up in knots trying to figure out how best to do it!!
But.. Yeah, works a treat!

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